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Sprinkler Tune-Up
Sprinkler Tune-Up

Tune-up your sprinkler system for proper performance.  Your lawn and garden will love you for it.

Included in the Sprinkler Tune-Up
* Adjust watering days and times to be Manatee County and/or community compliant.
* Setting the correct watering run-time for each zone.
* Checking and cleaning the main line water filter (if installed).
* Testing each station to ensure that every sprinkler is working correctly.
* Adjusting sprinkler spray patterns so that your lawn and gardens are watered properly - not the road.
* Clearing any blocked sprinkler nozzles.
* Checking for leaks and dry spots in the lawn.
* Testing drip and micro irrigation zones (if installed).
* Testing the rain sensor (if installed), and cleaning the hygrophonic disks and cap.
* Informing you of any necessary repairs and their associated cost.
- Note: We only perform repairs after your approval.

Cost per Sprinkler System
1-4 zones $100
5 zones    $120
6 zones    $140
7 zones    $160
8 zones    $180
9 zones    $200
If you have 10+ zones, or are on acreage, please contact us for a price.

Not Included in the Sprinkler Tune-Up (these are included in Maintenance Agreements)
* Removing grass/sod from around sprinklers.
* Raising buried concrete donuts.
* Installing concrete donuts.
* Replacing damaged spray nozzles (usually damaged from lawn mowers/weed wackers).

Year-Round Services
Maintain your sprinkler system's performance automatically, year-round.  Visit the Maintenance Agreements page.
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